Monday, 6 June 2011

SharePoint 2010 & PowerShell Fundamentals presentation from SUGUK

Linked below is a copy of the presentation I delivered at the West Midlands SharePoint User Group UK meeting on 25th May. I decided to cover the fundamentals of PowerShell and how to use it to manage SharePoint 2010.

I had requested a half hour slot to deliver this, but in hindsight, probably should have gone for more as it would have allowed me to show more demos rather than present a whole load of slides. At some point in the future I hope to run a session covering PowerShell and SharePoint 2010 in more depth, where I shall focus more on the scripts themselves.

There were also great presentations on the day from Charlie Lee (Introduction to Custom Claims Providers) and Ant Clay (Taking the Geek out of SharePoint project Governance) – I don’t think anyone in the room couldn’t say they learnt at least something from the event.

If you decide to visit the SUGUK site to download my presentation, please register and attend one of the forthcoming events whilst you’re there – it’s an excellent way to improve your knowledge and meet others from the SharePoint community.